Santa Julia Malbec Reserva 2009

Santa Julia Reserva - Malbec Argentina

Santa Julia Reserva - Malbec Argentina

This Argentinian malbec we recently enjoyed…like many others, as a celebration for making it through our respective work weeks.  I do not recall what food accompanied this delicious treat, but know this bottle we would gladly do again–soon!  Definitely lighter than a cab or a merlot, and slightly weightier than a pinot noir.

Finca Copete Malbec 2009

This malbec we had over the course of two nights.  We opened this originally to enjoy with a pork loin–really perfectly cooked–and a fresh salad of mixed greens, sliced apples, and crumbled blue cheese.  The food was great but the wine needed more time to breathe.  Thus, we pulled it again a night later, after working through appetizers and a bottle of Mark West pinot noir, and finished the malbec with ravioli.  We like a malbec and thus had to give it a try but probably would put others on the list ahead of this one.

Finca Copete Malbec 2009